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Second Semester - The Basics Of Deliverance

Deliverance Education Coarse

Second Semester

The Basics of Deliverance

The following subjects will be discussed:

1. The Multiple Means Of Deliverance

2. Preparing The Masses For Deliverance

3. Witchcraft And Generational Iniquity

4. How To Break Curses

5. Basic Issues In Deliverance

6. Spiritual House Cleaning

7. How The Deliverance Ministry Sustains Revival

8. How To Minister Physical Healing

9. Freemasonry

10. Deliverance of children                                                                                               11. The Bait Of Offense

This semester is taught by the following people: 

Jack Hayford, Pastor of The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California. 

Chris Hayward, President of Cleansing Stream Ministries. 

Cindy Jacobs, President and Co-Founder of Generals Of Intercession. 

John Eckhardt, Pastor of Crusaders Ministries in Chicago, Illinois. 

Doris Wagner, Co-Founder of Global Harvest Ministries. 

Alice Smith, U.S. Prayer Center in Houston, Texas.

Peter Wagner, Founding President of Global Harvest Ministries.

Che Ahn, Founder and Pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California. 

Ron Campbell, Founder of the Jeremiah Project. 

Frank Hammond, Founder and President of The Children’s Bread.

John Bevere Messenger International

This teaching features acknowledged international experts explaining effective principles of personal deliverance and how to start deliverance ministries in your own church.

These teachings were video taped live at the World Congress on Deliverance in Colorado Springs, Colorado.