Greenwood Bible College (GBC)  

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Greenwood Bible College

Accredited through NAAPTI, Greenwood Bible College was established in August 2004, to offer training and equipping in the Body of Christ in the area of Divine Healing and Deliverance. It is a four semester college with each course lasting nine weeks.  The teachers are all well-known within the ministry of deliverance and healing. This is a non-denominational college based on God's Word.  Onsite classes are @ 7PM on Thursdays at the main campus in Greenwood, AR and at the satellite campus in Vian, OK and Tuesdays @ 7 PM  at the Fort Smith, AR satellite campus. Grow in the Word and Empower Your Knowledge!

The Ministry Of Divine 
Healing In The Church

1. The Healing Word

2. Roadblocks To Healing

3. Roadblocks To Healing (Part 2)

4. The Anointing That Empowers The Word

5. Our Spiritual Authority

6. Questions & Answers On Healing Rooms

7. The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

8. Close The Door To Stress & Trama

9.  Faith To Receive Your Healing


The Basics Of Deliverance

1. The Multiple Means of 


2. Preparing The Masses For Deliverance

3. Witchcraft And Generational Iniquity

4. How To Break Curses

5. Basic Issues In Deliverance

6. Spiritual House Cleaning

7. How The Deliverance Ministry Sustains Revival

8. How To Minister Physical Healing

9. Freemasonry

10. Deliverance Of Children

11. The Bait Of Offense


Freedom Knowledge

Freedom In Christ

1. What Is The Origin Of Evil

2. The Battle For Freedom

3. What Are The Strongholds

4. What Are The Strongholds (cont.)

5. The Stronghold Of Fear

6.The Strongholds And Temptation

7. Preparation For Battle

8. Overcoming Strongholds

9. Praying For Those Who Have A Stronghold.

10.Living In Total Freedom

11. Staying Free


Practical Application Of The Deliverance Ministry

1. Binding & Loosing

2. Binding And Loosing (Part 2)

3. Deliverance Our Spiritual Weapons

4.Personality And Activity Of Demons 

5.Personality And Activity Of Demons (Part 2)

6.Three Levels Of Man’s Being

7. Dismantling Strongholds 

8.Dismantling Strongholds (Pt.2)

9.Dealing With Your Sinful Nature


End Time Bible Prophecy:  The Book of Revelation

1. The Message to the seven churches.                 2.  The seven Seals.           3. The seven Trumpet judgements.                        4. The seven Bowl of Vial judgements.
5. The false prophet and the Anti-Christ.
6. The World System.
7. The Battle of Armageddon.
8. The Reign of Christ.
9. The Holy City.

Local community news, Resident Press, has this to say about GBC.


The cost per semester is $40.00 which includes a pdf workbook in which you can download and print for permanent keeping. It is fill-in-the-blank and the answers are given as you watch the live video.


Each course will last nine weeks and you will be required to attend at least six classes. You will be given an open-book test on each chapter, which you must email the following week, in order to receive credit. You will also be required to read a book on the related subject (there is a suggested reading list) and write a one-page book report on it. There will not be a final test.


At the end of each semester you will receive a Certificate of Recognition if you complete the requirements of the course. At the end of the year, upon completing all four semesters, each student will receive a Diploma. There is a graduation ceremony held at 725 Park Dr.  complete with caps and gowns where you will receive your diploma.


Each class begins at 7:00 PM and the video last 45 minutes to an hour and the rest of the time is discussion concerning what was just taught. All blanks are filled in at this time.


All classes are held  in Greenwood, Arkansas at 725 Park Drive. Desks are provided for taking notes.


Our classes are on the Internet,  Once you are enrolled, you will come to this website and click on the class you signed up for. The classes are pre-recorded with a discussion at the end.  After the video presentation, you may submit questions about the class via email. 


If you are currently enrolled  the video will be online for your viewing at your convenience until the end of the semester. This will allow you to make up your class time. You will also be able to submit your questions about the class via email.  Send all questions to


Reverend John Miller, President

Wilson Bay, Vice-President

Ursula Carter, Secretary/Treasurer


Greenwood Bible College DOES NOT endorse any ministry that has gone through the Bible College  (GBC), nor does it support any ministry that would facilitate the Greenwood Bible College (GBC) curriculum. All curriculum is requested to be facilitated through the Greenwood Bible College (GBC) by either in house or online class. This is for your protection as well as ours.